Case Study: Maintenance Connection Responsive Website

Case Study: Maintenance Connection

About the Client

Maintenance Connection has been providing cutting-edge CMMS solutions to organisations around the world since 1999. In 2007, Maintenance Connection established an Australian headquarters to offer direct sales, implementation and training services to their local customers.

Two years later, they opened their United Kingdom branch to service their customers in Europe, and in 2013 launched offices in New Zealand and Singapore to service the Asia Pacific region. In partnership with Maintenance Connection USA and Canada, Maintenance Connection provides global coverage to more than 107,000 customers.

Client Objective

The purpose of the site was primarily lead generation and to showcase the global and solid stature of this international company. Another key driver of the site was to promote the free trial of the software. The responsive site was to speak to the software’s international audience, look contemporary, adhere to the brand guidelines, show the business as an industry leader and feature the current design trend of a flat, metro design style.

iFactory Solution

The design of the Maintenance Connection responsive website was based on a strict branding styling guide supplied by a third party agency. iFactory worked in close conjunction with the agency to ensure the design conformed to these newly created and updated brand  guidelines.

The site features a geo-locator to allow the site to display content that is reflective of that region.


  • Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Responsive web design

  • Geo-location tool

Completed:  2014

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