iFactory is GITC Accredited

iFactory is GITC Accredited

Early this year, iFactory applied for the GITC accreditation. And recently we’ve been advised that our application for the GITC V5 Framework accreditation has been approved! The GITC accreditation allows iFactory to supply services to the Queensland State Government. Our GITC reference is Q-5471.

What benefits does a GITC Agreement provide?

There are a number of benefits offered to both buyers and iFactory and other suppliers of ICT products and/or services through GITC agreements including:

  • streamlining the ICT procurement process between the public and private sectors;
  • providing consistency in both ICT purchasing and contractual arrangements across Governments and the ICT industry;
  • providing greater protection to the Government in its procurement activities;
  • addressing the demands of the ever-changing ICT environment;
  • creating an open and competitive ICT business environment for buyers and suppliers;
  • reducing the cost of doing business for both buyers and suppliers by providing standard and effective contractual provisions.

What does GITC accreditation mean to iFactory?

Achieving GITC accreditation does not give iFactory an automatic guarantee of Government business. As each Government organisation still needs to competitively market itself to its potential clients. GITC accreditation merely provides a mechanism for buyers and suppliers to enter into a commercial arrangement. And exposes iFactory to 

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