Siri Gets a Service Update

Siri Gets a Service Update

When iPhone 4S landed in 2011 it came equipped with conversational-question comprehension software Siri. This server-powered software assistant offered its help to users by using voice-recognition, GPS, internet and phone content to provide answers to people’ questions. It was a well-received addition that, as many new developments do, had its drawbacks in user translation and application. 

Today, Apple would like to retrain its users in order for questions to be trimmed down and simplified for Siri. Overcomplicated questions have plagued the software assistant as long-winded questions unravelled the feature and gave users not enough food for thought. Siri is now armed with sarcastic, passive-aggressive comments to encourage user brevity in their probing questions. The change has thought to have been born out of Apple’s realisation that speech-induced features on smart phones are rapidly improving. 

Currently, Apple is promoting its Siri update focus by listing multiple job offers seeking individuals to ‘refresh and refine existing Siri dialogue’. With the roll-out of the technology to the iPad and iPod Touch as well as expectations it will be added to OS X it is no surprise that Apple wants the system tweaked. 

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