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Increase your customer engagement with SMS and email

Email marketing and SMS marketing

True corporate success can only occur when a company adds value to the life of its customers. Customers will only pay the company’s bills if they believe that they generate an indispensable value from their purchase. Email and SMS are powerful marketing tools. They can either make or break a company’s marketing strategy, because they […]

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The best time to send email campaigns

Best time to send your email campaigns

The timing of your emails has an enormous impact on your open rates; however it could be a mistake to rely solely on generalised data without considering the many exceptions to the rules as well as the impact of mobile devices on email marketing. Test, test and test again. It’s the number one rule of […]

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Report reveals surprising mobile trends for email marketing


When it comes to email marketing, desktop has traditionally outperformed mobile across most areas, but as a recent Consumer Purchase Behaviour Q3 report delivered by email marketing company YesMail reveals, this is changing fast. Smart marketers are now gearing up with the knowledge and skills to truly capitalise on the opportunities that come with selling […]

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