Data Migration

Making a small task out of moving large content

One of the many reasons some businesses are not eager to start developing a new website is that they’re worried about what happens to their existing content. We typically field questions like:

• What happens to all the existing pages?
• Will our search engine rankings be impacted?
• How will regular visitors know where to find the new site’s content?
• Who copies all the content over?

These are some of the many valid questions posed when migrating website content to a new site, and we’ve heard them all. We’re here to help you through the process by carefully planning the site migration, including installing redirects to inform search engines how your new site is structured and where to direct people.
Data migration takes this to the next level for those who maintain a complex ecommerce or application site where there is lots of sensitive information to export out of one system and import into another.

Our experience with different content management systems, application development and thorough testing procedures means that your data will safely be migrated to your new website ready to be used from day one.