About the Client

The LED Group started in Dublin, Ireland in 1984, as a company dedicated to servicing retailers, suppliers and fitters with the best quality and most economical lighting products the world has to offer. Now with over 200 employees worldwide across three main offices and a global export network, the company continues to research, develop and market innovative light solutions in established and developing markets.

Client Objective

With a wide range of products on sale across multiple retail territories, the company wanted a global solution to handle new customer rebate promotions. These would offer people a cash back incentive to make a purchase, redeemable after the sale has been made. The traditional method to take advantage of these cash back retail offers was for purchasers of LED Group items to physically mail in purchase receipts, a costly and time-consuming process that few took part in. A comprehensive digital solution to quickly submit and process rebates that people could use easily and repeatedly use was needed.

iFactory Solution

iFactory developed a web-based application that efficiently leveraged modern technology to speed up the process considerably. With the custom-built web application iFactory created, users can scan or take photos of receipts or invoices of their purchases, which would then be digitally delivered to LED Group administrators. Users can also use the application to view the latest promotional campaigns offered by the company, including rebate details. Rebates would be instantly emailed to users in the form of virtual gift cards.

A magic login system was implemented so people could easily access their account through their email, providing extra simplicity to the process.

The application was custom developed by iFactory in a Node.js framework, offering the benefits of instantly responsive loading speed times and the versatility to add new functionality as future technologies emerge.

Services provided

Application Development
Content Management System
Digital Marketing
UX Design
Web Development