About the Client

As part of a digitally connected economy, it’s helpful when you can get all the support and services you need to stay linked. Vita Enterprise Solutions, part of The Vita Group, is one of the largest companies making that happen. They are responsible for providing all the ICT services and support a business needs to maintain digital productivity in Australia. Vita Enterprise Solutions has been digitally connecting Australian businesses with personalised, fully integrated solutions for over 20 years.

Client Objective

Vita Enterprise Solutions required an interesting and engaging calculator tool to present data and support their Mobile Managed Service (MMS)  – a service which is built to reduce administration, improve security and speed up the time it takes to deliver ‘ready-to-use’ mobile devices, ultimately saving time and money.

The overall goal was to create intrigue and interest with company decision makers, to understand the true cost of mobile management. With lead generation in mind, the intention was to leave the user with more questions about mobile management, so that they would seek understanding from the experts in MMS. To promote the service whilst engaging users, Vita Enterprise Solutions desired an interactive, responsive and real-time result which showed the true monetary cost of what an individual company is losing per year.

iFactory Solution

To promote their MMS services and facilitate the desire to create an interactive tool which engaged IT and general managers, iFactory designed, developed and built the online Mobile Management Calculator, which drew on the mobile data collected by Vita Enterprise Solutions.

Our creative experts worked collaboratively with Vita Enterprise solutions mobile management experts to develop the question sets and content for the Mobile Management Calculator. Our web development team applied user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to enhance usability of the calculator, improving the interaction between the user and calculator to boost satisfaction and trust. As part of the client’s KPI to create leads, we also embedded a lead capture form which allowed the user to enter their details to generate a personalised online and downloadable report, which offers recommendations based on the user’s specific results.

Services provided

Application Development
Content Management System
Corporate Identity
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
Search Engine Optimisation
UX Design
Web Development